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Fluke 2042 Cable Locator

Rp 000
Fluke 2042 is a professional general purpose cable locator. It is ideal for track cables in walls and underground, find fuse / circuit breaker at the end and locating interruptions and short circuits in cables and electrical floor heating systems. It can also be used to track the metal water and heating pipes. The unit is supplied as a complete kit comprises a transmitter and receiver at destination made carrying case. The receiver also incorporates a torch function for working in dimly lit locations. • For all applications (live or dead cables) without additional instruments • Set includes a transmitter and receiver • Proven digitally encoded signal sender ensure a clear signal identification • Transmitter with LCD-display for transmission rate, and transmission code external voltage • Receiver with a backlight LCD-display for signal level, the code receive receive signal and live voltage indication • Automatic or manual adjustment receive signal sensitivity • Switchable acoustic signal receiver • Auto-Power-Off • Additional torch lamp function for working in a dark environment • Additional transmitters are available for extension or to distinguish between some signals. Transmitter Receiver 12V, 50V, 120V, 230V, 400V 0 .. 60Hz 125 kHz Up to 400V AC / DC 0 ... 2.5m wall / underground cable 0 ... 0.4 M Voltage Measurement Range Frequency Range output signal voltage Tracing the location of the cable depth Primary detection voltage specification Transmitter Battery: 1.5V Battery 6 pc Receiver Battery: 1 pc 9V Battery Size (HxWxD) Transmitter: 190 mm x 85 mm x 50 mm Size (HxWxD) Receiver: 250 mm x 65 mm x 45mm Locator Weight: 0.45 kg Receiver Weight: 0.36 kg Two Year Warranty Fluke 2042 receiver Fluke 2042T recommendations Accessories Fluke 2042 applications Location of fuse / breaker and assignment to circuits Tracing the underground cable (max. 2.5 m depth) The exact location of the cable interruptions with additional transmitter

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